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Inspirational Thoughts on the Human Being

Life is full of unsweetened moments, but also of gracefully, happily and enjoyable ones; but what makes humans beings thus give a different sense to adversity or whatsoever the moments they are living? Is it to have meaning and purpose in life as Viktor Frankl wisely sustains? But these are just part of the elements to give any sense to our lives, cause as time goes by, we are constantly struggling to ourselves for the prevailing and maintenance of interior peace which could only be achieved if we live under truth. If we understand what truth implicates as an understanding of freedom and liberty, thus involving the superior and supreme understanding of will, human dignity and responsibility, without which there could not exist any kind of a valuable or valid existence cause we do not even understand who are we and which are the purpose, meaning and sense of our lives.

Understanding the integrity of the human condition helps us to stop this struggle to cherish peace, as we are free cause we live in truth and truth set the spirit free. We can tell from now and on that we live in virtue as we give each and every single thing the value it deserves according to its condition; and no matter which kind of “ideology” or “tyrannical relativist theory” could said about its own way of understanding the world and the men, we could be –greatly- able to be as the well nurtured-youth mentioned by Plato thus that would have the grace of discernment and give the human person the place it deserves as a human being with an inherent dignity, free by nature, solidarity by spirit and with an inalienable right to life from conception to natural death by pure essence.

Men has the opportunity to enjoy life by giving it meaning and purpose without which is death as there is nothing transcendental to do, or at least there is not yet an identification of what “myself” means; and as long as men does not takes it’s time to search truth, to stop in the middle of the road and ask himself and say: “look at that men! Who is he? What does he do here? What’s his purpose?” he would never ever be able to understand its own value and with a lesser or null extent, the value of their equals.

What is happening to humanity that does not comprehend what is its value, what is their essence? It feels just like if we where living in a planet of living deaths that appear in this ironic world, wandering without meaning and purpose, vanishing without leaving a single track of its existence, a single inspirational piece so that others will be fulfilled by its experiences, valuable stories, but above all influence in the place they are destined for making a change, for transcending. So at the end in what this negligible path to transcendence has become in? What should we be doing as a whole corpus to change our reality, and understand the real meaning, sense and purpose of this short existence? I just could synthetize it into one word truth, because as we understand it or find it we could understand the whole world, as there is just one absolute truth under which everything works out.

I write this as a fervent desire of leaving a small track of transcendence in this world so that others could be inspired by my words. I would love to hear your opinions, what do you think we should be doing as a whole corpus to change our reality, and individually to give our lives meaning and purpose?

Aurora Espina Vergara

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